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10 Resons Why D3Teamsite will benefit your Program

  • Communication!The website can be used to post information about your team. The team information section is a great place to communicate to your group.
  • Raise Money!Your team makes 40% fundraised profit on selected items that you sell during special times of the year. We've had football teams make as much as $10,000 annually. Smaller sized teams such as Basketball have made $3,000+.
  • Equipment!The equipment store offers relevant items that your athletes and fans purchase every year. All of which will be offered at competitive prices and the team receives 10% fundraised commission.
  • Apparel!The ProTIP apparel store has raised over $3 million for athletic teams. You can work with us picking apparel designs to be sold on the store. You’ll no longer have to carry inventory or have it come out of your budget.
  • Access!Unlike other sites, we give you administration access to review and or print reports of what items have been purchased. Your team site will be open 24/7/365 so you can update and raise money anytime.
  • Fulfillment!D3 has helped raise millions of dollars with its in house decoration services. D3 will fulfill orders promptly with your fans satisfaction.
  • Design!D3 offers free custom design service for the website and apparel.
  • Team Spirit!Beyond raising money for the team, a team website is a great way display team pride.
  • Already have a website?Just use our team store portion of the site. We can set up a link on your current website directing fans to the team store.
  • Free Set Up!

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We all have choices when it comes to the products D3 provides. They are responsive to your needs and very professional job in the designs. The print quality is so outstanding that you only have to try them once, and you quickly realize that there really is only one choice. D3athletic.com
Paul Moore, President
California Community College Baseball Coaches Association
It truly is a Win - Win situation for both booster clubs and athletic programs. D3athletic.com is 5 Star, so don’t miss out.
Lisa Bassi
Head Coach Fullerton College Softball
I have been very impressed by the quality of designs by D3 and their commitment to meeting deadlines.
Norm Ryan
Head Coach - Casa Roble HS Football
Great group of people that I trust. The relationship means more to them than the business.
Brad Gunter
Vice Principal - Valley Christian Academy